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Product Recommendations

LCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

Feel free to browse through the following resources. We have comprehensive ebooks in our Advanced Guide Series on major topics like roadside design and trees. New titles will be added soon. You can also access the archives of various blog posts and topical articles. Check out the links to all the subdomains to find information within the different categories.

If you see a product recommendation on this page, it has earned its link over time. The product or product source is a professional industry standard with real value. Finding good sources for plant material and products is not easy, and the information from sellers is overwhelming.  We’re sticking to our goal of providing information that will be helpful to you, without the fluff and noise, so these are no-nonsense supplier links.

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Here's a list of recommended vendors. These are not affiliate links - just good companies.


Select trees focuses on quality. Their trees are perfection. Their staff is knowledgeable, and you can trust their advice. They have a n extensive selection of good cultivars and varieties. Wholesale.


Classic can supply you with thousands of healthy ground cover plants just a few days after you order them—reliably. With ground covers, especially bare root ground covers, knowing exactly when to expect delivery is essential to keep plants alive and moist until they are planted. You can count on Classic. Wholesale.


If you are looking for hard-to-find native plants, go to Woodlanders. They have lots of unusual non-natives, too. This is a mail-order business, so you can shop and order those rare plants without driving all over the country searching. My latest purchase will be a Black Walnut tree, Black Gum tree, Coralbean shrub, and American Beech tree. These are not plants would normally be very difficult to find in the trade.


Is your specialty wetland restoration? The Association of State Wetland Managers has a great series of webinars on improving wetland restoration success. 

I like A.M. Leonard for garden hoes, spades, and weeders.  A stirrup loop push hoe and Cape Cod weeder are helpful for cultivating and clean up. A drain spade and nursery spade can open up the ground for transplants and slice a clean edge around plant beds. Everybody who works around thorny shrubs could use a pair of protective leather and suede gloves.

Forestry Suppliers, Inc.  has nice hand pruners and loppers, essential for thinning and shaping shrubs. They have the best prices for seedling protectors and bamboo staking equipment, as well as a large assortment of backpack sprayers.

If your gardening friends love flowers, do a search for wholesale florist suppliers in the nearest large city. I love Halls in Atlanta. They carry floral design supplies and offer a floral design school, but you must provide certain documents to establish an account with them. These are vendors you must visit and shop face-to-face.