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Easy-Care Outdoor Spaces 

landscape design trends, easy-care landscapes If This is Your First Time HereLCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

When it comes to trends for outdoor spaces, clients desire a place to unwind and slow down. They do not want to face more work when they step away from their air-conditioned offices and traffic. According to the 2018 American Society of Landscape Architects survey of residential landscape architecture trends, people want a break from landscape chores so they can entertain themselves with electronic media or hobbies. They want the yard to take care of itself, and they see their best way for attaining relaxation and peace is through native plants which don’t need a lot of watering, less lawn, low maintenance design, efficient irrigation, and a nearby charging station for their mobile devices. People want to sit outdoors while remaining connected.

People are exhausted and stressed for time. If they go outdoors, they want to relax and catch up on movies, social media, and their exercise routine. They do not want to include pruning, weeding, and watering in that routine, even though it is an excellent way to stay healthy. If they can maintain their lawns while also being environmentally responsible with rainwater capture and indigenous plant material, they will spend money on their yard. If they can entertain and feed friends outdoors, they will purchase fire pits, tables, stoves, refrigerators, and seating to enhance the communal experience of gathering around. The highest demand anticipated in the future includes native plants, drought-tolerant plants, low-maintenance landscapes, efficient irrigation, reduced lawn area, and charging stations—all with the promise of ignoring gardening tasks so they can spend more time looking at their phones or watching outdoor movies.

This trend is often referred to as “bringing the outdoors in,” but it may be more correct to call it “bringing the indoors out.” Clients have filled the time saved by interconnected devices and smart appliances with time spent keeping up with the overwhelming amount of media in their lives. They want outdoor design spaces which are fun, easy, and comfortable. Moving the indoors into the low-maintenance garden is a way to find peace and tranquility among growing, green, fresh surroundings.

Landscape Design Trends - Easy-Care Outdoor Spaces