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floating apples at Longwood GardensLCHQ is an advanced design guide for professional landscaping.

Professional gardens can be so intimidating! I see the adorable and creative Pinterest posts and wonder how I let my time be wasted on mundane tasks each day. I look at photo posts on Google+ of incredible and colorful outdoor spaces around the world and compare them to the local parks in which I walk. The profiles of the people who start conversations I read on LinkedIn sound like descriptions of Nobel Prize winners. I can never compete with them!

I can do something worthwhile, though. I can appreciate the beauty all these people are trying to create. I can study and learn from the visual and written lessons presented. I can listen to the wisdom and experienced insight of the masters.

I spent a good deal of time working on large industrial and commercial project sites during my first few years as a landscape architect. I drew a lot of irrigation plans! I learned a lot about large-scale maintenance operations. The next phase of my career involved getting dirty and tired in the design/build world. Working in the field with contractors and building things was a great educational experience. I learned the differences between working with residential, commercial, and municipal clients. My strong horticultural background and my love for plants helped me strengthen my skills in the trade and merge practical issues with conceptual ideas. I also learned how competition shapes your attitude toward volunteers and how the bidding process pushes clients toward the lowest quality available. Over the past decade I had the privilege of reviewing and providing constructive critiques of a couple of thousand public roadside projects. I learned about large-scale contracts, procurement, and specifications, and environmental mitigation. My main focus was good landscape design.

What I have to say can help you become one of the next master landscape designers. I have a good grasp on what it takes to design the best, and plan on spending this next phase in my career putting the process into words for your benefit.

Take some time visiting the web site pages and reading the archived articles. If you want to delve deeper, purchase one of the ebooks available on the site. These are full, comprehensive guides—not your typical ebook lead magnet. Get a jump start on the industry with their all-inclusive guidance. Enjoy!

RDS BiagiOur company has years of experience in the landscape industry. Our hope is to impart that knowledge to you in a manner that is concise, helpful, and fun! Because I have provided hundreds of landscape architectural reviews of public roadside landscape designs, I’ve seen what works for large-scale sites. I also managed a design/build firm, installing and designing landscape projects with lots of out-in-the-field, dirty-fingernail experience. If you are a designer, and haven’t spent much time in installation, then the site’s articles are just the thing for you to gain a practical perspective. By reviewing plan designs, attending field plan reviews, preparing cost estimates, and seeing results of actual installations, I learned realistic expectations for the challenging work you face when creating roadside landscape designs.

Another essential thing for you to understand to build solid projects is landscape maintenance. This site’s articles are filled with tips on how you can ensure long-term success for your project. I worked for a large industrial maintenance contractor as their landscape and irrigation designer during my internship, and helped write lots of specification documents for landscape installation and maintenance. I participated in contract evaluations for large-scale, roadside maintenance contractors during my years with the Department of Transportation (mowing, landscape maintenance service, and design) and helped with herbicide calibration, stockpile/rate spreadsheets, and vendor application proposals. You will be getting advice from someone who really knows landscape maintenance!

If you are a consultant landscape firm, you can find good information on how your submittals for vendor contracts are evaluated, what to include in your bid packages to impress reviewers, and what kinds of designs for large-scale outdoor aesthetic projects that agencies want to see. It helps to have someone who has seen what works and what doesn’t do a review of your project. If an immediate review is not for you, you can still access lots of helpful content on this site.

The Landscape Consultants HQ web site was designed to provide you with real advice from real experience for your landscape project. You can find answers for your design issues, learn what to avoid, and get recommendations of practical solutions to problems.

Note the legal stuff below. Thanks!

Biagi Landscape Consultants, LLC provides planting plan critiques and reviews along with tips for professional designers.  We do not provide legal or design advice.  We do not make any commitments about the content within our services, which are provided “as is”. The landscape architect, designer, or the engineer who stamps your plans is ultimately responsible for your final design and contract documents.  Any reviews you receive provide recommendations, which do not require changes to your design plan, even though you may choose to make changes.  They are remarks that can act as important comments for your consideration, but should not be deemed stipulations for your design or contract documents.  Reviews and articles are tools for you to help you discuss any needed design revisions with your landscape architect, designer, or engineer, in the same way a movie review is a tool to help you determine which movie you will attend. 

If you are using our services, you or your business will hold harmless and indemnify Biagi Landscape Consultants LLC and its affiliates, officers, agents, and employees from any claim, suit or action arising from or related to the use of the services, including any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorney’s fees. All claims related to our services will be litigated exclusively in the federal or state courts of Troup County, Georgia, USA.

Please do not reuse the content or images on this site without permission.  Thanks for being considerate!


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